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Hitachi Testimionials

"Just to drop you a note, My wife's sister and her husbands home and business was totally destroyed in the F5 tornado that plowed thru Moore, Ok. on the 3rd Of May. We located only one piece of equipment and it was the 17" Hitachi monitor. I took it in only to find out it is still in great working order with a small scratch on the screen. Thought you might like to hear this story."
Thanks Allen Lynch

"I am currently using a 14" vga monitor on a pentium II/400 system I'm a self-employed consultant, and people keep buying my 751s straight off my desk because they want them so much. The only monitor I'll sell with my systems are the Hitachi SuperScan elite 75x series, depending on the resolution that the customer intends to run. It's amazing that you've still got the best monitor despite the fact that it was the first. Looks like you'll be the alpha and the omega with a single product when it comes to CRTs. keep up the good work "
- Joshua H. from Phandroid

"I just bought a SuperScan 753. I'm absolutely delighted with it. My video card is a #9 Revolution IV AGP 16MB, running on a Celeron 400 system. The clarity of text and purity of color are the best I have seen yet on a video display monitor. Great product!"
- M. Nelson from CA

"I bought a 751 Super Scan Elite in May of 98. I first tried out a Sony GDM 400PS and made the comparison between the two. The answer is that there is no comparison. Hitachi outperformed the Sony in every way, especially in the text clarity and also there are no annoying scan wire shadows on the Hitachi as there were on the Sony. Bottom line, can't ask for a better monitor than the SuperScan!"
- Joe Broadwell

"I just purchased a SuperScan Elite 751 19-inch monitor. I am amazed! I had been using a 17-inch MAG monitor (.26 dpi) that had always been a solid performer, but I quickly realized what all I had been missing when I powered up this new monitor. I had read the reviews on your site, as well as in magazines and other sites on the web. Nearly everyone had rated this monitor highly, so I felt my choice was a sound one. When I plugged it in and turned it on, my jaw dropped! It was very bright and crystal clear. I believed the real test should be with some of my favorite games I like. (I'm an avid gamer) I put Tomb Raider II in and was again shocked. The bigger and brighter monitor made the graphics of this game leap out and DEMAND attention! The same was true with everything I've tried in it so far! I sit here at work typing this letter, but my thoughts are back home... I just can't wait to get home and play some more with that AWESOME monitor! Well done Hitachi! Incredible products at a fair price will assure you a secure place in my computing lifestyle from now on. I have several friends also considering 19-inch monitors. After they see mine and hear how much I like it (they will be sooo jealous!), I'm sure they'll be looking to Hitachi for theirs. Thanks Hitachi!"
Scott M. - Spokane, WA

"Hitachi monitors are a real cut above the rest. The image quality is the best I have ever seen!"
Jeremy from Greenville, SC

" I understand from "computer experts" that Hitachi makes the best monitors on the market. I am very interested in owning an LCD."
Jimmy H.

"I have a Hitachi monitor and love it. It is crystal clear."
William from Maryville, MO

"I purchase nothing but Hitachi's for my company. The color depth is great and they hold up under heavy use 24x7."
John from Margartown, NC

"I have been working with digital images now for about 8 years, using just about every kind of monitor that there is out there; Pressview, Apple, Viewsonic, Phillips, Mag you name it. Yesterday after you gave me the numbers I set up the Hitachi and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It has got to be about the truest color I have ever seen. 6500K with 1.8 was perfect for the PC. "
Thanks again, Brian

"Your response time for phone calls and email is very impressive. You have yourself a return customer."
- L. Elliott

"By the way, you folks make a superior monitor. There has been no trouble with it at all. The diamond Stealth 3D 2000 and the Diamond Monster 3D seem to be a very good match with this monitor. I choose your monitor over Sony because of clarity, saturation of color , intuitive controls (mostly :-) ) and that fact that it did not have those two scan lines showing up. My brother-in-law saw this monitor and in his next upgrade chose a 17" Hitachi over a Viewsonic."
- Bill

"I own the ROMC 7515 19" monitor. It was in the back of a 1993 Chevy Blazer that I was driving (it was just wrapped in blankets) when I fell asleep and rolled the truck 4-5 times. The monitor was thrown from the vehicle and landed in the ditch. It survived with just the plastic at the top of the screen being broken. Thank you for producing such a durable piece of precision equipment. It saved me a $1200 loss!"
- Eric, Wichita, KS

"Thank you so much for your feedback. This is the best experience I've ever had with a company when it comes to personal attention."
- Derrick

"Great monitor and GREAT SUPPORT, Thank you!"
- Chuck

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