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 Looking for the best value in a high performance monitor?
You can't go wrong with an editors' choice.
 "SuperScan took top honors in
every important performance category"

"best picture quality... best legibility... best image sharpness"
"scored high in images quality- a steal at its street price"
"product of the year"
"our runaway favorite for focus, brightness, contrast and color"
"superior performance makes it a best buy"
"had the best image quality and its price is low"
"a performance display with a great price"
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Hitachi's new CML190B LCD ranks #1 in SmartComputing's 
"Top 5 17-inch & larger LCD" Chart - scoring 4.5/5

"...Hitachi's reputation for quality shows up big-time in its new CML190B, a 19-inch dual-input (analog/digital) LCD we use for our IT related services. Hitachi is rightly proud of its latest LCD child;  the CML190B is among the few flat-panel displays that Hitachi's Web site lists as being good for everything, including desktop publishing, CAD/CAM, word processing, general use, and document imaging. Even with a colossal screen (it provides almost as much on-screen real estate as a 21-inch CRT), the 14-pound CML190B leaves a small oval footprint with a mere 3-inch depth... I tested the display at its optimal 1,280 x 1,024 resolution with a 75Hz refresh rate using analog  input. The display had fast response times, so 3D games looked as good as they would on a high-end CRT. The display has a 0.294 pixel pitch, which is good but not as low as they come. But still, the display handled every imaging task I threw at it with ultra-sharp clarity. I used DisplayMate's Multimedia Edition software for diagnostic testing, and the CML190B  responded beautifully to every test screen. Tests for white-level regulation showed that the display is capable of accurately rendering sharp, high-contrast images. Color scale and grayscale test screens revealed the display's even-keel balance of light and dark shades.  High-resolution digital photos in Adobe Photoshop appeared incredibly vivid, and text remained  sharp regardless of the font, size, or display resolution. If you can part with $1,000 or so (the display is available online for less than its MSRP) and can do without bells and whistles, such as  integrated speakers and a TV tuner, the CML190B is astonishingly good. " 
- Smart Computing, October 2002, Vol.5 Issue 10

Hitachi's CML190 flat panel display receives a great review and is now recommended by PCSTATS

"In this look at one of the newer LCD models from Hitachi, we are presented with a 0.294mm pixel pitch 19" display that looks good, and comes in a trendy black enclosure (my personal colour preference for LCD displays). Among the amenities we find a side mounted cable connection causeway for easy access, a swivel base, and support for both analog and digital DVI display signals...With the relocation of the power, analog and digital signal cable connectors to the side of the unit, it is substantially easier to gain access and set up the unit from the get-go... This is also something older folks will probably appreciate, as the level of accessibility is greatly improved over standard display connector locations... It's also worth mentioning at this point that the viewing angles are 85/85/85/85 degrees (up/down/left/right) so the display is already pretty well endowed in this area...Again, the vertical viewing angles are on the order of 85 degrees, so image colour remains pretty good at extreme angles...The white, red, green and blue test screens were very bright and consistent over the entire screen area. There were no visible broken or damaged pixels or uneven areas along the edges as can sometimes occur on LCD panels...All patterns displayed clearly and defined in both the horizontal and vertical axis. With such a high contrast ratio the lines are easily distinguishable even though they are separated by just one pixel lines...The one-pixel horizontal screens displayed perfectly, as did the two grey tone test screens. When tested with the DVI digital connection the test screens were all displayed perfectly, with absolutely no noise or background waviness...The Hitachi CML190SXWB springs to life with perfect picture and display when connected via a DVI cable, and provides almost perfect picture via the Analog cable... The display features a 500:1 contrast ratio, brightness of 250 nits and wide viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal/vertical...The Hitachi CML190SXWB has much to offer and would be well worth considering." 
-, 9/24/02 

Hitachi's CML181 flat panel display receives another great review.

"Next came the Hitachi CML181SXW. Having used and liked the Viewsonic so much, I didn’t know what to expect with the Hitachi. But in short, it’s a f*%?ing brilliant monitor!  Pulling it out of the box, I noticed it was slightly lighter than the Viewsonic, a bit smaller, and more solid feeling...  I thought perhaps it would not be as stable as the VG181, but I was wrong, the base held the unit very securely, even with me punching and kicking it, throwing chairs at it… but it certainly does tilt and turn easily, and its screen was very sharp at extreme angles. It has both analog and digital inputs; with all the cables you’ll need included. I used the DVI connector, and put it on my system as the secondary display. After using the Hitachi for a few weeks, I fell in love with its display. Something about it made the screen easier to look at, more comfortable than the Viewsonic. Its colors seemed more vibrant out of the box (I didn’t  fiddle with any settings on either the Hitachi or Viewsonic). As a matter of fact, I didn’t notice any banding at all in my color benchmarks, and its text was bright and crisp; indeed, all the images had a very nice contrast to  them... But basically, I did find this one to be my favorite, hands down." 
- by Dariush Derakhshani 

Hitachi's CM827 rated as one of the Top 10 
21" monitors in PC World's August 2002 review.

"The five-year warranty that Hitachi offers matches the longest on our current chart--all the other vendors except Cornerstone offer three years. Part of Hitachi's Super Space Saving line, the CM827 has an 18.5-inch depth, the shortest we've seen lately...Image quality on the CM827 was good in our tests...You can switch the dual inputs using a button on the front of the monitor, so connecting two PCs to this monitor and toggling between them is easy..." 
- PC World, August 2002

Hitachi CM815+ receives a perfect score of  5/5 stars and ties for first place in 
Cadalyst Magazine - one of the most selective CAD/CAM/CAE  publications!

Receiving an A+ for warranty, and A for image controls, an A- for image quality as well as price and a B+ for connectivity, the CM815+ tied for first place with a perfect score of 5/5 stars. The article stated, "The Hitachi CM815+ monitor provides the finest dot pitch of any of the large monitors evaluated in the roundup...Warranty coverage is an industry-leading 5 years for parts, labor and CRT...In addition to the traditional complement of display adjustments, the Hitachi CM815+ monitor offers both horizontal and vertical moiré reduction functions and lets you store up to 26 sets of geometry settings for different horizontal and vertical frequencies...The display controls include niceties such as recall, automatic signal check and video muting. At 60.5 Lbs, the Hitachi CM815+ is the lightest of the six monitors reviewed here..."
Cadalyst Magazine, July 2002

Hitachi's CML155V LCD received 4/5 stars from PC World Magazine 

" This stylish pewter and blue LCD monitor supports both S-Video and composite video inputs, so you can plug in a camcorder or DVD player. It also supports digital video input. The screen adjusts both vertically (20 degrees backward, 5 degrees forward) and horizontally (60 degrees to the left and the right), which gives you more control over the viewing angle than many of the other 15-inch LCDs we've seen. Swiveling the screen horizontally could also help you share on-screen information or a DVD movie... With its good looks and video-input options, this monitor has the right features for home use."
- PC World, 4/02 

Hitachi's CML181 Received the "Best New Technology" Award for the presentations
devices category at FOSE 2002

The editors of GCN (Government Computer News) selected the monitor because of its S-IPS (Super IPS) technology that makes color shift almost imperceptible, increases color accuracy, widens viewing angles and provides outstanding sharpness. FOSE is one of the largest government information technology trade exhibitions. Each year GCN sponsors the “GCN Best New Technology Awards” to recognize the most innovative and unique services and products showcased at the show. The editors used a double-blind judging system to select 36 finalists and then chose winners in each of the 11 categories from those. They selected products for their usefulness and affordability to Federal buyers. Hitachi’s CML181 monitor is one of the most advanced LCD technologies available on the market. Hitachi's S-IPS technology employees a “zig-zag” electrode structure to improve images clarity and reduce color shift regardless of viewing angle. This zig-zag structure arranges the molecules to compensate for color shifts at certain angles at which whites can appear slightly blue or yellow. By angling the orientation and arranging the color shifts to compensate for each other, Hitachi S-IPS technology achieves sharp, high contrast images with minimal smallest color shift.

Hitachi CML155V receives another great review

"What makes the CML155V stand out from most 15-inch LCDs is that it accepts analog and digital's loaded with ports, including S-video and CVBS (composite video broadcast signal) ports, as well as a full complement of audio ports and jacks... The display performed exceptionally well during our tests, with none of the problems that sometimes haunt LCDs. The grayscale screen, for example, showed a perfect balance between light and dark shades. All the colors looked vibrant, and the tests for clarity, focus and resolution yielded above-average results....test in all fonts and sizes looked clear and sharp. The display also handled high resolution images well; images looked realistic and colors appeared rich and vibrant." 
-Smart Computing May 2002.

Hitachi CM828 receives 4/5 stars from PC Magazine's "First Looks" review

"The expansive Hitachi CM828 ($790 street) has a 21-inch (diagonal) tube that delivers a 19.9-inch viewing area for about the cost of a 17-inch LCD monitor. And where the LCD would have a 1,280-by-1,024 resolution, the CM828 is specified for up to 2,048-by-1,536. And the best news is that the images on this monitor look great. Setup is simple, as the monitor is Plug and Play–compatible and has a pair of D-sub VGA connectors on the back. A convenient signal-source control on the front panel lets you switch easily between two computers. The monitor is part of Hitachi's "Super Space Saving" series, and the case is just 18.5 inches deep, so it will take up less real estate than some other 21-inch monitors. We tested the monitor using images created by DisplayMate software (, and the results were impressive. At 1,600-by -1,200 (at an 85-Hz refresh rate), the display showed good color tracking, good focus in all regions of the screen, and outstanding convergence throughout... Screen geometry looked very good, and a full suite of effective digital geometry controls are available if you need to tweak the image...the Hitachi CM828 is well suited for graphic arts or CAD professionals—or anyone who wants a large display at an attractive price." 
-PC Magazine, March 12, 2002

Hitachi CM721F received another great review!

Van's hardware calls the CM721F "A Budget Monitor Done Right" stating, "While its price puts it well within the budget monitor range, Hitachi has done a very good job on not compromising this monitor’s feature set... It’s not uncommon for budget monitors to skimp on warranty support, so we were happy to see Hitachi breaking the mold by offering a five year complete warranty on monitors they manufacture. This surpasses even the three-year warranty on our top-of-the-line Sony G420S and is a welcome change for a budget product...If you’re looking for a great 19” monitor on a limited budget, but aren’t willing to sacrifice quality for a bigger screen, take a very close look at the Hitachi CM721F. For the price this monitor delivers fabulous quality. With a five-year warranty and a high quality display, the CM721F is hard to beat in its price range and feature class." 
- Van's Hardware, 2/14/02

Hitachi's value-priced CML171 called "A fantastic display for the money"
by Smart Computing

"It (the Hitachi CML171) did justice to every test for sharpness, including focus and resolution matrices; box and corner linearity screens; and video bandwidth brightness and white-level regulation screens. The display also looked wonderful during color tests: Intensity level ramps, color scales, and color saturation scales all flooded the screen with brilliant hues. The high-resolution images looked beautiful, which is what I expect from a Hitachi display. The CML171 offers remarkable clarity ... and photographs taken both indoors and outdoors look realistic and richly colored. The display's 120-degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical viewing angles and 350:1 contrast ratio are nice specs for a budget 17-inch LCD. can't argue with the CML171's $699 price tag because it's low for a 17-inch LCD... As it stands, the CML171 is a fantastic display for the money." 
- Smart Computing, January 2002

Hitachi CML155V received excellent review - 
Enters Smart Computing's Top 5 15" LCD Chart

"...Why is the CML155 so extraordinary? Let me count the ways. Diagnostics revealed the display has a perfect video bandwidth index, sharp white-level regulation, zero movement screen regulation, and excellent color differentiation. Color registration tests showed that red and green sync up well, and the color scales looked absolutely beautiful. Even the pale hues in the color saturation scales possessed a quiet vibrancy. Color and grayscale intensity level ramps, as well as the grayscale screens, showed an even distribution of light to dark...High-resolution images looked awesome in every respect. Clarity, color richness, and realism were all spectacular, and shadowy images weren't muted or overly dark...Regardless of price, this display is a winner." 
- Smart Computing, December 2001

Hitachi CM721F received another great review!

Text quality was one of the strong points of this monitor as well as the TCO '99 compliance, tight dot pitch and 1600 x 12000 @75 Hz resolution. PC World stated, "...our testers found its text quality above average; its clear, sharp text makes this monitor ideal for word processing. The five-year warranty is two years longer than the coverage on most other monitors." 
- PC World, December 2001

Hitachi's CML170B receives great review from Computer User Magazine! 

"Hitachi's CML170B 17" flat panel LCD monitor is part of its "Black cabinet" display series that also includes 19- and 21-inch monitors. The monitor's housing is an attractive midnight gray color that focuses your attention on what's on the screen rather that what's on the monitor itself, and features built-in speakers and a headphone jack...the CML170B's on-screen resolution is impressive and both text and photographs are crisply and colorfully displayed. Screen redraw is fast, and it doesn't ghost when dragging windows around....the CML170B remains the sharpest, most colorful 17-inch LCD monitor I've ever tested, and it's ideal for computer use in home or office environments." 
- Joe Farace, Computer User Magazine, September 01

Hitachi CM828 received perfect score of 5/5 stars from Cadalyst Magazine.

Receiving the highest score of "A+" in image quality, price, image controls and warranty, here is an except of the review, "...the CM828 has a very fine dot pitch of 0.21 - unusual for a monitor this large. The fine dot pitch produces a remarkably crisp and smooth display, one that would be easy to live with for long periods of time...Quality is apparent not only in the fine dot pitch and excellent image, but also in the color produced by the CM828. Without qualification reds and greens (most often the problem areas in displays) were the best of any monitor tested in this roundup. Reds were vibrant and clear, greens were separated cleanly, even in bright areas. If a higher score were available for color, I would have assigned it to the CM828. Excellence continues to show in the test score - the CM828 was one of only three monitors here to earn a perfect score...Based on the great scores, excellent display, price and outstanding 5-year warranty (the best in the industry), the Hitachi CM828 is clearly a fine choice for virtually anyone who wants or needs a large monitor. Highly Recommended." 
- Cadalyst Magazine, September 01

Hitachi's CM828 receives Editors' Choice award from

 "...the Hitachi CM828 we are looking at today is a large screen 21" display based on an Invar shadow mask and housed in a cabinet about the size of what a 19" display would typically use. With the CM828 sitting next to my 19" ADI E66 Microscan it's difficult to tell from the rear, which display should be the larger one. Both units are about the same volume...Excellent geometry, the CM828 showed no visible distortion of any of the test grids...Brightness was excellent under 32bit color... Contrast was excellent, the whites were displayed brightly and the blacks were vividly absent of luminosity...The control over the Moire is superb, and the convergence is some of the best we've seen in a large-screen display...What is bad about this display? For once I'm at a loss to find something really lacking with a display. Usually we are blessed with a sloppy display feature that just begs for some good ranting, but alas the CM828 is short on shortcomings...The CM828 truly represents the top of the line in what Hitachi has to offer for 21" displays, and easily earns our seal of approval." -

Hitachi CM615 places in PC World's November 2001 Top 10 review!

Siting Hitachi's 5-year warranty, our sharp text and value price, the CM615 continues to hold a spot in PC World's top 10 17" monitor list. Designed for value-conscious home and general business functions this value priced monitor was the least expensive of any of the units on PC World's November top 10 17-inch monitor review.

Hitachi CM810 places 3rd in PC World's Top 10 21" monitor review

PC World rated Hitachi's CM810 in third place in their September 2001 21" monitor review. Rating text quality as "Very Good" and graphics quality as "Excellent", they further stated, "...(the CM810) beautifully displayed our multi-size font screen. Color balance looked exceptional overall in our graphics tests... The CM810 rendered sharp, easily legible text, particularly on a test screen with multiple font sizes. Compared to some of the other displays, reading small text at 1600 by 1200 resolution on this model was quite easy. Colors also looked rich. The CM810 is also the shortest-depth 21-inch model we tested, at 18.5 inches; that's shorter than several of the 19-inch displays we looked at." 
- PC World, October 2001

Hitachi CM772 ties for first place with a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars from the very demanding Cadalyst magazine!

Scoring an "A" in image quality, an "A+" in refresh rates and "A" in price and an "A+" in warranty, Hitachi's CM772 received the highest grades in the 'Reviewer's Report Card'. Here is part of what Cadalyst had to say: "Technologically not a great deal is new in these displays...the exception is Hitachi - it now offers a remarkable 5-year warranty, the best monitor warranty in the industry right now....It (the Hitachi CM772) produces a remarkable pleasing display, as do other Hitachi monitors based on this (Hitachi ErgoFlat) technology. With a crisp 0.22 mm horizontal dot pitch (0.14 mm vertical) and excellent brightness and contrast, this monitor will certainly prove easy to live with....The subtleties of the display are beyond the scope of any benchmark test CADALYST uses, but are obvious to the close observer.  Speaking of benchmark tests, the Hitachi CM772 produced perfect scores in every area except color purity, which I reduced by a quarter of a point for slightly weak yellows...At 53 Lbs, this is a fairly lightweight monitor and the short neck CRT makes for a depth of 17.7" - less than that of many 17" monitors...This monitor is certainly worth considering when you make your next monitor purchase - particularly because of its high-quality display and warranty." 
 - Cadalyst Magazine, June 2001

Hitachi's value-line CM615 receives another great review!

"For a basic 17-inch CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor born into a world that's becoming dominated by 19-inch CRTs and sleek, little LCDs (liquid-crystal displays), you can't get much better than Hitachi's CM615. And for $215 MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), the monitor is an excellent deal for budget shoppers...  If you need a new CRT monitor, but don't require a larger screen, you owe it to yourself to check out the CM615. It's definitely the best 17-inch CRT for the money, but the best part is that it stands up well against 17-inch CRTs that cost a lot more." 
- Smart Computing, May 2001

Hitachi CM810 receives great review from Smart Computing

"Hitachi is on a roll, offering quality monitors at prices that are sure to please bargain shoppers. The CM810 CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor is Hitachi's contender for the 21-inch category. Although a growing number of competitors are releasing 21-inch monitors for under $700, the CM810's $689 (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) price tag is as close to rock bottom as you can get....The monitor's dot pitch is an exceptional 0.22mm (a comfortable viewing range is 0.22mm to 0.28mm, the smaller the better), which was evident during both the diagnostic and practical portions of our testing. The quality of text and cells in Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets were very good...The color overall is sumptuous, and the photographed images we studied using Adobe Photoshop were more realistic than the average monitor can deliver. ...Frankly, the CM810 surprised us with its quality, which exceeded our expectations for a monitor of this size and price. And it's tough to beat its five-year limited warranty. Professionals looking for a high-performance 21-inch CRT monitor could look elsewhere and spend more, but we don't know why they'd want to." 
- Smart Computing, May 2001

Hitachi CM715 receives excellent review from

"...Instantly I found myself in love with this monitor. Every computer task, whether it was viewing websites, viewing images, watching movies, creating digital art, or just typing up documents, was instantly much more enjoyable...I can confidently say that no matter what your needs are, the CM715 performs great. In my personal use of the monitor, I have utilized it for games, DVD movies, web designing, digital art designing, and much more. No matter what you use this monitor for, colors are vibrant, and images are sharp and crisp...Whether it's gaming, movies, general use, or all-purpose use, the CM715 doesn't disappoint. You really would be hard pressed to find a better monitor of this size for this price. Highly recommended." 
-, 5/24/01

Hitachi CML151 flat panel receives good review from 

"The CML151XW is a 15" TFT display with the distinction of having one of the highest contrast ratios we've looked at so far. With its 350:1 contrast ratio the Hitachi display offers some positively bright whites and dark blacks. It also offers a removable display panel for wall mounting, and a swivel base - a somewhat rare commodity in flat panel displays. The Hitachi CML151XW we tested had a flawless panel, but we have in the past encountered broken pixels with other manufacturers displays...Pure black can often be difficult to master, but the CML151 showed its stuff in this area full force...As with all flat panel displays, if you can afford the price the move is well worth it - and the CML151XW won't disappoint." - May 15, 2001

Hitachi CM615 places in PC World's April 2001 Top 10 review!

Siting Hitachi's 5-year warranty, our sharp text and value price, the CM615 entered the chart in its' first review at #10. Designed for value-conscious home and general business functions this value priced monitor was the least expensive of any of the units on PC World's top 10 17-inch monitor list.

Hitachi CM815+ receives rave review from Smart Computing!
"If you demand high performance from your monitor, you'll want to check out the Hitachi CM815+. With its 19" high x 19.2" wide x 18.5" deep footprint, this 21" display takes up about as much room as most 19" monitors...Overall image quality for the Hitachi displays was impressive. In addition to clean, readable text, the monitor rendered bright, rich colors and sharp, well-defined graphics. Color registration was nearly perfect and the grayscale and color scale tests appeared with a wide range of light and dark shades...Photograph images also looked great on the CM815+. The details were crystal clear and sharp, the lighting and shading added realistic depth, and the colors were accurately and brilliantly rendered...the Hitachi CM815+ is a top-notch unit designed to handle a variety of imaging demands, from professional graphics displays to video, games and multimedia applications." 
- Vol. 4 Issue 2
- Smart Computing , 2/2001 

CM823F - a winner according to the Dallas Morning News!
"When I review a product, the best I can say about it is that I want one. That was my first thought when I plugged in Hitachi's newest 21-inch ErgoFlat monitor. It was also my last thought. The ErgoFlat will produce where it counts: on the desk of architects, graphics artists and others who spend hours upon hours in front of a display. Model CM823F is flat-faced, which all but eliminates glare. It uses an Invar shadow mask to achieve better focus and image accuracy at every part of the screen...A side-by-side comparison with my 21" Trinitron showed this $950 Hitachi to be crisper. It is one of the most flicker-free monitors I've ever used." 
- Gadgets at work column by Jim Rossman
- Dallas Morning News, 2/18/01 

Hitachi CM823F receives "Excellent" score from one of the most demanding 
CAD/CAM magazines in the US - Cadalyst!
"...It's highly pigmented phosphors result in excellent color rendition...The CM823F reduces energy consumption by as much as 20% compared with traditional 21" monitors and requires no added circuitry to achieve TCO '99 compliance. While most monitors typically consume 125-135 W, the Hitachi ErgoFlat displays typically consume only 98 W - a  welcome savings in this age of rolling blackouts...On the test bench, the Hitachi CM823F achieved excellent scores (5) for brightness, contrast, convergence and purity (outstanding color, with great reds). For focus (a bit soft at the edges), geometric distortion and raster rotation, the CM823F scored above average (4.5) stands head and shoulders above many displays on the market."
- Cadalyst magazine - 5/01 

Hitachi CM772 receives Highest ranking of 4 out of 5 from PC Magazine!
The Hitachi CM772 received a 4 out of 5, "Very Good", ranking from PC Magazine (2/6/01) beating Dell, Viewsonic, Nec/Mitsubishi and more. The CM772 received a 4 out of 5 in both overall performance and image quality to score a 4 out of 5 overall rank. While no monitor received 5 out of 5 in this review and there was no Editors' Choice - Hitachi tied for the highest score awarded.
PC Magazine
February 6, 2001

Hitachi CM771 Goes on to become one of Computer Shoppers top 100
products of the year!
"The $456 Hitachi CM771 offers equally innovative technology in a 19-inch
CRT. One of the first displays to incorporate flat-faced Invar Shadow Mask tube, it offers an ultra-fine 0.22mm dot pitch. It produces brighter, higher-contrast images than other flat-faced monitors while significantly reducing chassis depth and power consumption." - Computer Shopper Magazine - 11/00

Hitachi CM771 wins Computer Shopper's BEST BUY for a flat-faced monitor!
They stated:

"Some monitors follow the pack; others blaze a trail. As the world's first flat-face, Invar shadow-mask monitor, the Hitachi CM771 does the latter... Our test results showed the CM771 to have superior sharpness and brightness. Of the six monitors tested, the CM771 displayed the most legible 6.8- and 7.5-point text at 1,600 x 1,200. Our horizontal line resolution tests showed a finely detailed image, even at the highest resolutions. Meanwhile, the additional brightness was evident in our gray-scale tests, in which the CM771 displayed an exceptional range of tonal shades, from a dead-of-night black to an almost-too-bright white. The CM771's multibutton control system is also the best we've seen... and they're much easier to navigate than the controls on many other monitors..."
August 16, 2000

Hitachi CM771 described as "Amazing" by
"...What many of us here like about Invar Shadow Mask based monitors is that monitors based on this technology have relatively short depth, great for those with a limited work area. The CM771's depth is a little over 17.5 inches which is a perfect solution for anyone wanting a bit more screen yet doesn't have the desk space. Running the monitor through its paces via supported resolutions was very exhilarating. Like previous Hitachi monitors we have looked at in the past we saw nothing but perfect image quality from the CM771. That can be partially thanked by the relatively high 203 MHz video clock frequency. Using the monitor for about a week was can be described with one word, amazing. At times we forgot it was an Invar Shadow Mask monitor, and for once those annoying damper wires that we often see on Aperture Grille monitors were no where to be found... Hitachi really did out do themselves this time. Now we are not saying this the perfect monitor but it comes pretty darn close
to it." - 10/00

Hitachi CM813 Plus received a good review from Imaging & Document Solutions Magazine - one of the prominent technical authorities on high-end monitors
It stated that the monitor provides, " Accurate Geometry, Good color uniformity, Good black-level and white level saturation...Sharp text, distinct grayscale gradations and accurate color scales with bright colors and good contrast...Compact short-depth design and user-friendly menu navigation." - Imaging & Document Solutions Magazine, 11/00

Hitachi CM771 selected as one of the Top monitors at PC Expo 2000 by CRN. 
They stated:
"The monitor (CM771) was evaluated on a 333 MHz Pentium II with a 3Dfx VooDoo 3 2000 video card and Windows 2000 Professional.  Over the course of 3 weeks of daily usage it proved to be an excellent monitor.  The quality of the picture made the CRN Test Center at PC Expo Engineer realize just how bad his primary monitor really is.  This became especially apparent when running video-intense applications such as multimedia and games...
The Hitachi CM771 monitor provides a crisp, clear picture over a wide range of resolutions.  The contrast and color representation of the monitor is excellent.  With intuitive and easy-to-use controls, the Hitachi CM771 is recommended by the CRN Test Center at PC Expo." 
- Computer Reseller News
July 2000

CM769 receives good review from major Imaging Magazine – Hitachi’s second good review from one of the most selective industry magazines!

"Notable runners up for the Editors’ Choice included the Hitachi CM769…Produced vibrant colors. True black levels with accurate grayscale. White levels are distinct. Good focus, color distinction and color registration. Very sharp picture overall with clear distinct text."
- Imaging & Document Solutions Magazine
March 2000

CM769 Rated 93 out of 100!

"The 769 monitor looks nothing other than fabulous. Colors are beautiful and vibrant with no tweaking, there’s no warping at corners at any resolution…and the controls are great… This is without a doubt a great monitor with super-high refresh rates (so you can see those frames and your eyes will still love you), compact design that’s the same size as my ViewSonic 17", and an optional four-port USB hub that saves space…if you spend a lot of time in front of the glass master (monitor) and/or have two computers with very limited desk space, you’ll want this monitor for its features and its ease on your eyes (to help prevent long-term damage)."
February 2000

CM769 receives great review from major Imaging magazine – one of the most selective in the business!

"Nice overall design. Controls were easy to use and included fine adjustments options for pincushion and trapezoid. Produced true blacks and pure whites with vivid color display. Color registration was accurate. Sharp focus and no geometric distortion. Text was crisp at 6.8 pts!"
- Imaging & Document Solutions Magazine
Sept. ‘99

SuperScan 650 wins #3 in PC World's January 2000 Top 10 review!

Beating ALL shortnecks and most longneck monitors, Hitachi's new SuperScan 650 has the shortest depth and one of the best images available on the market today. PC World states, "Of the four newcomers on this month's chart, the SuperScan 650 ascended the highest, thanks to its low price, gorgeous colors and crisp text. Its short depth makes it ideal for the space-impaired."
- PC World
January 2000

Hitachi NSA's SuperScan LC150-512 ranks as #1 for brightness and contrast and ties for widest viewing angle - as rated by PC Magazine 4/20/99.

"Brilliant color, easy-to-use controls, top-notch brightness, flutter-free screens make the analog Hitachi SuperScan LC150 a good choice for a variety of uses...we found the screen marvelously stable, with crisp vivid text and virtually no ghosting...On our Brightness test, the Hitachi SuperScan LC150 (-512) was the brightest of the batch at 308 cd/m2. Impressively, the Hitachi monitor received the best brightness without sacrificing the Contrast Ratio, where it was also the leader."
- PC Magazine

 {short description of image}
 Hitachi NSA's SuperScan 753 receives "TR Best" award

"The first time I fired up GL Quakeworld...I noticed how clean and clear the game looked. It's like someone took windex to the game, with it looking much more realistic compared to my old 17" Sony. The .22 dot pitch really does provide a much clearer picture...I am glad to say that there is no image distortion that I can see anywhere on the screen. The corners and edges are crisp and clear, with no distortion...Overall, I would have to say, the SuperScan 753 is the best 19" monitor I have seen to date. The image quality is excellent, as it should be considering its .22 mm dot pitch, excellent resolution and refresh rates."
- Tech-Review (,

 Cadalyst Labs

Hitachi NSA's SuperScan 814 received perfect score of "Highly Recommended" with 5 out of 5 stars - beating Sony, Compaq, Cornerstone, Princeton, Illama, and many more!

"The SuperScan 814's fast 270 Mhz dot clock lets it provide rock-steady 1600x1200 images at an outstanding 100Hz refresh rate. Even the most sensitive viewers working in the harshest lighting conditions won't have problems peering closely at this monitor for hours." Note: The SuperScan 814's maximum refresh rate of 1856x1392 @ 85 Hz. earned it an astounding refresh rating of "A+" in the Cadalyst "Reviewer's Report Cards".
- Cadalyst,
March 1999

Hitachi NSA's 753 beats Viewsonic's PS790 in Rangefinder's (a professional photography magazine) 2/99 review

"...I found the Hitachi monitor (753) produced a much better image than the Viewsonic (PS790). It was not nearly as "grainy". I checked a display of monitors in a computer store and found the same differences between the two monitors, so it was not just the ones I tried on my own computer."
- Rangefinder,
February 1999

 publish impact award

Hitachi NSA's award winning line of 19" monitors received the coveted "Impact of the Year" award from Publish Magazine.

As the first monitor vendor to create a 19" monitor, Hitachi NSA received this award for our 19" monitor line it is was considered as revolutionizing the monitor market.
- Publish,

Hitachi NSA's 751 receives perfect score of 4 out of 4 stars (beating Sony, NEC Viewsonic, and others) from Small Business Computing and Communications .

"Since it measures 17.9 x 17.6 x 18.1 inches and weighs just 53 lbs, you'll think that a 17-incher is sitting on your desktop. The SuperScan (751) delivers exceptional performance, for its price, on everything from mainstream business applications to CAD and graphics."
- January 1999

Fortune Magazine lists Hitachi NSA's SuperScan 813 as a Product to Watch

"With the shortest case depth of any 21-inch monitor, the Hitachi 813 3S offers a very large, crisp picture in a more compact housing. Measuring just 18.4 inches deep and 61 pounds, the SuperScan 813 is the leader is a series of Hitachi short-depth monitors."
- Fortune Technology Buyer's Guide,

Hitachi NSA's 751 receives Editors' Choice (Beating Sony & Viewsonic) with a perfect score of 10 out of 10 stars from All Games Network

 "... the quality of their (Hitachi) monitors is astounding. Not only is the product stellar, but the support team behind it is one of the best. The folks at Hitachi really care about pleasing their customers and stand behind their products with pride...The Hitachi SuperScan 751 had the sharpest display we looked at. It was noticeably crisper than the other two models at 1600x1200, the highest resolution available. Not only was the image brighter and crisper, but it was a bit more focused too, probably due to the PrecisionFocus technology..."
-All Games Network,

 pc magazine

Hitachi is named as one of 100 Most Influential Companies in PC Magazine's annual rating of technology companies- 9/22/98.

Further proof that Hitachi's cutting-edge technology provide superior quality and investment protection for our customers - Hitachi again rated in PC Magazine's top 100 this year, placing as #63.

 mac world 4 mouse award
Hitachi NSA's LC140 flat panel display wins Macworld's

"This (Hitachi's 14.1" flat panel) made believers out of the skeptics at Macworld. Although it's on the small side at 14 inches, no other display compared. You'd never know from looking at this monitor that problems like poor viewing angles and bleary, fuzzy, unreadable characters are common among LCD displays - it rivals the best CRTs"
- Macworld,
"The World is Flat",
December 1998

 CRN Awards Hitachi's SuperScan 751 Editor's Choice!

"Some monitors jump right out and say "top-quality goods" the moment they are powered up. The Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751 is such a monitor...Not only was the SuperScan Elite one of the sharpest monitors in the roundup, it was also one of the brightest. It was easy to set the brightness and contrast controls so none of the picture detail was lost while still being able to display full grayscales and color scales right down to the very darkest colors...Hitachi equips its 19-inch SuperScan Elite 751 monitor with one of the best OSD controls in the business."
Computer Reseller News
CRN Test Center - 19 - inch monitors
August 3, 1998

 PC Graphics & Video Award
PC Graphics & Video Awards the Hitachi's SuperScan 752 a highly recommended Rating

"Being first isn't always the same as being the best, but in the case of Hitachi's line of 19" (18" viewable) monitors, they are one and the same.

"The second-generation monitor, the Supreme 752, raises the bar set by the original Elite 751. In actuality, the 752 differs very little from its less-expensive sibling. The primary difference is that the 752 has a 211 MHz clock frequency rather than the 200 MHz clock of the 751.

"That higher frequency pays dividends in image stability, especially at higher resolutions. The 752 features an extremely stable 80 Hz refresh rate at 1600 x 1200 resolutions and a rock steady 92 Hz at the recommended setting of 1280 x 1024.

"In addition to having the most stable image of all the monitors tested, the 752 boasts top-level image performance, thanks in part to its very tight .22 horizontal dot-pitch and raster-friendly shadow-mask picture tube ..."

"With a suggested list price (MSRP) of $999, the 752 isn't cheap, but for the performance it delivers, it is quite a bargain, especially if you will be working extensively at higher resolutions."


- J. V. Bolkan
on the Hitachi/NSA Supreme 752
Buyer's Guide, 19" Monitors
PC Graphics & Video
July 1998

 PC Today
"****" (4-Star Value Rating for Hitachi 19" SuperScan 751 monitor)

"When the SuperScan CM751U is set at a resolution of 1280 x 1024, buyers will be hard pressed to find a better display for text work. The monitor's contrast is superb, resulting in well-formed characters and rich colors that lesser monitors can't create ..."

"In all, the SuperScan is one of the finest monitors tested in this head-to-head and would be ideal for users who do a lot of work at high resolutions."

"New Displays Invade Desktop"
PC Today
May 1998

Computer Shopper Ranks Hitachi 751 as Best Image Quality in Group

"On our jury tests, the SuperScan Elite 751 garnered the best overall average for jury ratings ..."

"Our jury ranked its image quality as the best in the group. The controls are notable for their ease of use ..."

- M. David Stone
"The Bigger Picture"
Computer Shopper
February 1998

Small Business Computing & Communications Reviews Hitachi SuperScan 751

"Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751. Just because a monitor is big, does not mean that it has to be a space hog. This $899 model employs Hitachi's new PrecisionFocus technology to provide sharper images on a big screen in a compact model that's shallower than some 17-inch monitors. A built in microprocessor for precise color control helps to tweak the screen."

- "Business Tools" Small Business Computing & Communications
June 1998

Fortune Reviews Hitachi SuperScan 803

"Save money somewhere else. The monitor is the least marginal of peripherals. Whether a user spends hours in front of a PC or just puts in an occasional visit, the screen makes its impression. Choose poorly, and all the money invested in a high-powered PC may seem like a waste. But add the right monitor, and even a modest system can seem princely ..."

"If a monitor can live up to the billing 'supreme,' Hitachi's SuperScan Supreme 803 does. Based upon PrecisionFocus technology, with a 0.22 mm dot pitch (horizontal) (0.16 mm vertical), the Supreme delivers an incredibly rich and clear image. The flat square tube has high contrast, low emission, and a solid refresh rate of 77 Hz even at the maximum resolution of 1800 x 1440. There are microprocessor controlled adjustment, an auto power-off feature, and a three-year warranty on the entire display, including the tube. A beautiful monitor ..."
Webmasters Note: Hitachi has discontinued the 803 featured in Fortune Technology Buyers Guide. It has been replaced with the new SuperScan 813 which has even higher specifications while providing a shorter depth.

- "Hardware Peripherals"
Technology Buyer's Guide Fortune
July 27, 1998

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