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Introduction to Monitor & Flat Panel Display Technology (Page 2)

Below are Explanations of the icons you will find on the Hitachi brochures. Some represent accreditation for meeting specific standards.

Many Hitachi monitors utilize Hitachi's revolutionary PrecisionFocus™ technology with multi-step dynamic focus and auto astigmatism correction. Displays are significantly sharper than the previous state-of-the-art and deliver brighter, richer color and improved contrast at the same time.

Many Hitachi monitors have a 0.22 mm horizontal dot pitch which is one of the sharpest dot pitches - and the sharpest image - you can buy. This enables the monitor to display finer detail which makes for clearer, crisper graphics and improved readability, even of very small text. It also enables Hitachi monitors to genuinely resolve the high resolutions needed for document imaging, desktop publishing and CAD applications.

Hitachi's Elliptical Aperture Dynamic Focus (EA-DF) electron gun uses an advanced focus system to dynamically - adjust focal length while the beam is scanning, and at the same time control the cross sectional shape of the beam. The result: uniform brightness and sharpness with exceptionally low distortion, even in screen corners.

A high refresh rate can eliminate screen flicker and reduce eye fatigue. The Video Electronics Standards Association recommends a refresh rate of 75 Hz or more. So make sure your monitor and your graphics controller support 75 Hz at your planned resolution. Your eyes will thank you.

Monitors with the Hitachi True-color control system let you adjust screen colors to closely match printed output.These monitors even let you control white balance (color temperature) to approximate the whiteness of a sheet of paper, or "computer graphics white" in a video presentation.

All Hitachi monitors are now both PC and Mac compatible. Mac adapters are available for free (with proof of purchase) via Hitachi customer relations and are mailed to you upon request.

Hitachi displays give you full edge-to edge viewing. No black border around the edge of the screen.

On-screen control makes monitor adjustments quick and easy. Operation is intuitive and control is exceptionally flexible. Many monitors enable users to control annoying moire patterns and provide comprehensive geometry adjustment including left and right side pincushion and trapezoid controls. Our newest monitors display control menus in any of five languages.

Hitachi monitors are compatible with a variety of plug and play standards including Windows 95/98 and DDC 1/ 2B. This means they automatically configure themselves to the resolution and refresh rate that best matches the capability of your computer system's graphics controller. So all you do is plug them in. Installation and setup couldn't be easier.

Many Hitachi monitors have been tested by Microsoft to make sure they work well with Windows 95/98 and take advantage of Windows 95/98 features.

Hitachi monitors are equipped with an automatic power management feature that saves energy and prolongs tube life. The feature is designed to EPA Energy Star, VESA DPMS and other specifications.

Hitachi's 3-year limited warranty gives you, complete peace of mind. It covers all labor, all parts, even the tube, for the full 3-year period.

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