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Part of Hitachi's new value series of monitors, the V810 provides a quality monitor at a value price.
Featuring flicker-free refresh rates at the most commonly used resolutions, this monitor provides a
super-fine dot pitch of .21 mm horizontal. Features multiple on-screen controls as well as dual 15 pin
d-sub inputs to enable switching between two computers without restarting.



Auto synchronization range 31 - 96 kHz
50 - 160 Hz
Maximum resolution 1600 x 1280
Resolution/Maximum refresh  
640 x 400
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1157 x 870
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200
160 Hz
160 Hz
115 Hz
95 Hz
90 Hz
75 Hz
Video clock frequency 203 MHz
Microprocessor presets
          Standard settings
          User programmable
Signal cable Dual - 15 pin D-subs

CRT 21" (20" viewable image size) with 0.21 mm horizontal dot pitch, 0.13 mm vertical dot pitch. Advanced Elliptical Aperture, Multi-step dynamic focus tube. Black matrix with Invar Shadow Mask. High contrast, anti-static, anti-glare coat. 405 mm x 303 mm viewable image area. 
Digital controls 
Power, contrast, brightness, H/V position and size, pincushion, trapezoid, rotation, right pincushion, right trapezoid, RGB adjust, color temperature selection (9300K, 6500K, 5000K, and user defined), H/V moiré adjust, degauss, recall, language select, and input selection with EasyMenu
TM on-screen control.

Power supply 120/240 V (auto adjusting), 50/60 Hz. 130W typical. 15 W typical at standby, 5 W typical at power off.

Size/weight 19.2" W x 19" H x 18.5" D, 61 lbs.

Warranty 3 years limited, tiered. First 12 months parts and labor, remaining 24 months parts only.

Regulatory compliance
Safety: UL 1950, C-UL
X-radiation: DHHS, RoV.
EMI: FCC Class B, EN55022-B 
Energy savings: EPA Energy Star, VESA DPMS. 

Specifications subject to change without notice

"All monitors are video card dependent. Hitachi tests its monitors to ensure that they will produce the refresh rates Hitachi publishes. Because there are inconsistencies between video card manufacturers, Hitachi cannot guarantee that a/your particular video card will produce the published refresh rates. Hitachi cannot guarantee performance with any third-party hardware or software."

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